Villa Giampa — Mediterranean Wonderland

Since every town and hamlet along the Amalfi Coast clings to plunging hillsides, the houses, of course, do too. By necessity, Villa Giampa is built onto several levels, each connected by sets of beautifully tiled steps.

From the first deck looking down towards the green entrance door

These steps were of smooth terra-cotta, the risers dotted with decorative tiles of various scenes. It reminded me of Caltagirone in Sicily, a town that boasts a huge staircase on which every inch of each riser is a tiled scene. The villa’s steps were certainly not as elaborate nor as huge, but they were very beautiful.

Each riser of the entrance steps was embedded with painted tiles

At the top of the first staircase was the main level of the villa; the actual house was located on this level. As we pulled our bags up the final stair, we stepped onto a large, covered veranda.

The "lower" terrace. Who wants to eat inside when you can eat here?

In the middle of the veranda sat a large sturdy table surrounded by heavy iron chairs. Colorful flowers spilled from decorative pots, draping themselves over white-washed walls. A barbeque anchored one end and a waist-high white wall divided the entire space from the sea, just out there. We gasped. The view was sublime!

Honey, I'm ho-o-o-m-e!

The architecture seemed more Greek to me. I loved it.


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