Inside Villa Giampa

Entering the house, the kitchen was off to the right, airy, well-equipped, and decorated as a Mediterranean villa should be. It was as if we were watching Househunters International, sighing in envy at the television. But this time we were in it!

Down the hall we came across the first of three spacious bedrooms.
The wedding couple claimed this bedroom. It had its own bathroom and an adorable, white-washed balcony with a built-in seating area.

This is the wedding couple’s private balcony off their bedroom.
Is it any wonder Kris looks so happy?

A bit farther down, the house opened up into a sitting area with fireplace, couch and chairs, glass-fronted cupboards stocked with wine glasses and other fine place settings.

There is a fireplace to the right.
Through the arch on the left is the sitting area.

Villa Giampa is stocked with anything you could ever need

At the end of this area, a large wooden dining table was tucked into a long, rectangular nook. But the crowning glory of this space was on the far side of the table: huge windows that afforded a dizzying view onto the sea far below. The effect was a wall of blue: sea and sky to greet you when you sat down for your morning espresso.

The bedroom we claimed was also huge. Plenty of space to go around. It had an ample closet and a pretty blue-tiled bathroom with a window opening out onto the sea.

Glass doors opened onto our own little balcony with a small table and two chairs. Oh, and that view.  We were on the edge of heaven.


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