Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista

Just around the bend from Tutto Per Tutti, we peered over the edge of the road, spying a tiny path that looked enticing.  We scuttled down, eager to see where it would lead.

My motto: "Let no path go unexplored." I think my son Kris has the same belief.

It's hard to imagine this church is from the 11th and 12th centuries.

A small church was tucked at the end of it. We paused to read an artfully crafted ceramic sign engraved with its name: Antica Parrocchiale di San Giovanni Battista XI-XII Sec. This was the Ancient Parish of Saint John the Baptist from the 11th-12th century.  The door was unlocked,  so in we went.

Inside, it was silent and cool.  Although the church was small, it was brilliantly decorated.  The floors, especially, were dazzling, covered in fabulous swirling designs of colorful Majolica tile.

I found it hard to step on such beauty.

Kris climbed a set of wooden stairs and stepped into a rather rickety looking pulpit, pretending to preach from above while we giggled below.

Kris always makes me laugh!

After admiring this little treasure, we wrote our names in the visitors’ book, took a prayer card, and dropped a coin into the donation box.


2 thoughts on “Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista

  1. Hello, thanks for putting up the great pictures! I’ve been looking online for a while for some pics of this church.. I spent a week last year in August in Praiano, 3-4 minutes walk from Tutti per Tutti!

    Anyway, I am an editor at the English Wikipedia, and am writing an article on the church (see here:,_Praiano). I saw you licensed your pictures under Creative Commons by-nc-nd-3.0. However, due to the image upload restrictions on our site, we would require a Attribution-ShareAlike (cc-by-sa-3.0) license to be able to use them in my page.

    I was wondering if you could re-release them or waive the conditions set by CC so I could use them in my article?

    Thanks ahead of time,

    Dima Sergienko

    • Hello Dima,

      Go ahead and feel free to use the photos of the church. Let me know if you need anything more formal than this approval. Thanks for reading. And asking!

      Melinda Brovelli

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