Piazza San Gennaro

Farther down, we came upon the middle of town.  Bar Sole, serving drinks, caffé and gelato, faced the sea.  Little shops, a sprinkling of restaurants, and Tourist Information lined the road nearby.  A quirky, but pretty pond sat in the middle of it all.

Since we were ostensibly on the lookout for a potential place where we could all eat dinner later that night, we walked over to a trattoria with an outdoor terrace overlooking a church and town square. We peered over the edge and gazed down upon Piazza San Gennaro, the main piazza of lower Praiano.

Piazza San Gennaro

This square is decorated with a gigantic majolica design.

At the edge of it stands the Chiesa di San Gennaro.  The cupola of this church is itself an amazing work of art.  Encrusted with gleaming yellow and blue tiles, the rounded, sunny spire pierced the vivid blue of the sky.

La Chiesa di San Gennaro

The facade of Chiesa di San Gennaro

Originally built in 1589, this sunlit Renaissance-style church is dedicated to
San Gennaro, Bishop of Benevento.

Waiting for the bride to emerge from the Chiesa di San Gennaro

We paused a moment to watch a wedding party at the door of  the church.  (Take note of the kids playing soccer close by.)

Here she comes!

We also spied a sign attached to a wall next to the piazza. It proclaimed that soccer playing is prohibited in the square. We laughed as a soccer ball whizzed past the sign, kicked by children playing blissfully in the sun.

Smiling, we continued our search for a place where we could eat dinner later on.


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