Jolly Pizza

We trudged back up the hill to upper Praiano, making a complete, elevated circle. As we plodded along Via Umberto, nearing our little pathway that would return us to the villa, we passed a tiny pizzeria.

Pizzeria Rosticceria Da Asporto Jolly, fondly known as Jolly Pizza

Peeking our heads in to have a look, we grabbed a menu to bring back to the others. Little did we know that Pizzeria Rosticceria Da Asporto Jolly would soon become Tony’s home away from home.

Back at the villa, some of the group were clearly well-ensconced in villa-based activities: splashing in the pool and drinking that delicious white wine from Tutto Per Tutti.

The promise of pizza was the only thing that would lure
Nichole, Gino, and Kris out of that pool.

After learning about the little pizza place just down the road, everyone agreed this would be perfect. No one wanted to venture any farther out this evening. We’d bring pizza home and eat it right here on the veranda.

A pizza for everyone!

Later we walked en masse down to Jolly’s Pizza. Jolly’s list of pizzas was impressive, and they were open late every night. Tony announced to the workers that they would be seeing him often, promising to return every day during our time in Praiano. And he kept that promise, but for one day.

Allie was jolly just thinking about that pizza

Jolly Pizza even offered pizza with patate fritte on top!

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

Breakfast of champions!

Tired from travel and a busy, exciting day, we all turned in fairly early. That night around 11:00 we were all woken up by loud popping noises.

I bolted from bed, staggering to our little balcony to see what was happening. Still half-asleep, I banged into the closed glass doors, luckily not breaking anything. I leaned out our bedroom balcony, saw fireworks crackling in the sky, and fell back into bed.

The next day we found out that the wedding party we had seen on Piazza San Gennaro the day before had had a late night celebration on the rooftop terrace of nearby Hotel Margherita, culminating in a festive display of fireworks.

Now it was our turn to visit Hotel Margherita.


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