Hotel Margherita — Our Morning Mecca

This morning, again, the weather was glorious.  (Our wedding planner, Anna, told us later that the weather along the Amalfi Coast had been bad, rainy and blustery, for several days prior to our arrival. The very day we arrived dawned clear-skied and sunny.  She thanked us for bringing the good weather with us from California.)

Since the weather was perfect, we decided this was the day to visit Capri. The prospect of a smooth boat ride under deep blue skies to this famous island was thrilling. We were all up early, eager for the adventure.

The first order of the day, however, was cappuccini.  Several of us walked the short way down Via Umberto to Hotel Margherita.  In Italian, margherita means “daisy,” which for me elicits visions of carefree summer days. True to its name, this lovely hotel had a bright and welcoming breakfast room.

Welcome to Hotel Margherita

The inside breakfast room was lovely, but we opted for outside

We settled ourselves around the tiny tables perched on a narrow veranda overlooking the small street just below. Vibrant pink bougainvillea spilled down from the upper terrace. A view of the sea was just beyond. The sun already felt hot on our faces.

Hotel Margherita became our morning Mecca

For all the mornings to come during our stay in Praiano, our ritual would be to walk down to Hotel Margherita and sit outside, absorbing the sunshine along with our cappuccini. It would become the springboard for all our adventures.

Candace and Chris -- perky even before the first cup of the day

On this morning, our first, we had arrived so early that the waitress hadn’t yet had time to properly set the outside tables, so we waited patiently as she snapped orange tablecloths into place and set tiny pots of cactus in the middle of each one.

Funny, mine never look like that

Greeting us with smiles as warm as the day, she brought us steamy creamy cups of cappuccini and an array of tasty pastries, which we hadn’t even asked for.

“This is the life,” I thought, as I sat sipping my delicious caffé, gazing across the table at my husband and son. “I’m in Italy again, but this time with Kris.”

I watched my son’s face as, cup in hand, he glanced around, taking in the crystal clear morning and the Mediterranean Sea glittering just out there, and I knew when the moment hit him.

Oh yes, this was Italy. The place that makes his mom swoon. And it was clear to see — now he gets it, too.

Kris takes his first sip of the real Italia


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