Spiaggia Grande — Positano’s “Big Beach”

Along Positano’s Spiaggia Grande (Big Beach), several ticket stands sprinkled the sand, each offering boat rides to Capri. We compared modes and prices and settled on one with a good departure and return time.

Choosing just the right ticket to Capri

Still, we had close to an hour to wait for our 20-minute ride to the island, so we wandered along the waterfront to pass the time.

Wanting another cappuccino, Kris stepped into Buca di Bacco, his first “real Italian espresso bar.” While he sipped, he watched in amusement and amazement as locals would sally up to the counter, knock back an espresso like it was a shot of whiskey, then dash off.

Nichole and Kris in Buca di Bacco

Kris and Gino (with me in the middle)

Ah! It's finally my turn!

Allie's first taste of real gelato

Allie took her first taste of gelato while Chris and Candace made up names for the dogs nosing around the outdoor tables for fallen tidbits.

Chris and Candace: naming the dogs while they wait

Candace, Chris, and Dan decide beer is better

The hour was almost up.  It was time to head towards the dock.


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