Down At The Dock

As the time of departure drew near, we headed toward the water, milling around the area where the boats dock. The scenery was no less beautiful from this angle.

Picture perfect Positano

The stunning Church of Santa Maria Assunta seen from below

Centuries-old towers built to warn against imminent pirate raids, allowing the citizens a chance to "scappare" up into the
higher hills.

With enough warning, you could hide from the pirates way up there.

We discovered an enormous anchor standing next to the rocky hillside. It was easily twice the size of a man. The sign nearby proclaimed it was dedicated to the mariners of the world.

On June 14, 2008, the town of Positano dedicated this anchor to the mariners of the world.

Without Kris and Nichole, this anchor would have fallen over!

Tony, waiting patiently for the boat to Capri

Candace, Nichole, and Allie, turning plenty of heads while also patiently waiting for the boat

The boat arrived and it was time to board.


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