Boat to Paradiso

With tickets in hand, we ambled over to watch people disembark, anxious ourselves to board.

Ticket to Paradise!

This proud Italian is reminding people they are still in paradise: Italia!

And do you doubt it with water this color?

Nichole and Kris ready for take-off!

Say goodbye to Positano

And here we go!

The receding view of Positano brings to mind the quote John Steinbeck made to Harper's Bazaar in 1953: "Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you are gone."

We turned our heads away from Positano diminishing in the distance and faced forward, eager to greet Capri just a few waves away.

Gino, Kris, Nichole, Allie, and I wanted to ride on the top deck with the open air and unobstructed views. The others went below. As it was, there was standing-room only on the upper deck, but we didn’t mind. It was exhilarating and thrilling with the warm air whipping our faces and hair.

Upper deck

Unless you prefer the lower deck

As our hydrofoil churned its way towards Capri, we passed a small group of rocky islands, known collectively as Li Galli.  Once owned by the famous Russian ballet dancer, Rudolf Nureyev, their nicknames are amusing. The largest is called Gallo (rooster). The smaller one is called Coniglio (rabbit). At least that is what I was told.  I could find no evidence of that.

See any Sirens?

The mythological Sirens are also said to have lived there, as reported by a Greek geographer in the first century B.C.E.  So many stories surround these little islands.  I wondered about them as we splashed past.


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