Coming Into View: Capri

Before long a dramatic island came into view: Capri.  Known as the Isle of the Sirens in Greek mythology, in today’s world it is called the Pearl of the Mediterranean.

Marina Grande

What an impressive sight it made as we cruised toward its imposing rocky mass and into a small bay nestled at the foot of a hill. The small marina (antithetically named Marina Grande) was teeming with boats and activity.

We docked and disembarked down a walkway.

We wanted to visit the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzura) first, just in case there was an unlikely change in the perfect weather. There were two main ways to get from the marina to the Blue Grotto: take a bus up to Anacapri, then transfer to yet another bus, or take a series of boats directly from the marina.

But wait — now a third choice was put before us.  A man approached, suggesting we hire his open-air taxi for the day. He would take us everywhere, he said, and we wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. One price for all day and we could divide ourselves between two taxis.

With a group this size, the shared price would be minimal, not to mention the convenience of having a private driver in a convertible taxi at our beck and call all day, all over the island. How could we go wrong?

“Va bene! We’ll do it.”

Our drivers, Luigi and Pasquale, were elated. (Take note: this was the first of several Pasquales we would encounter on this trip.)

We were elated, as well. The prospect of not having to think about a thing, allowing ourselves to simply relax and enjoy the day, made me giddy.

Dan and Chris, eager for another adventure.
Tony sits up front to yak it up with Pasquale.

We divided up into fives: Gino, Kris, Nichole, Allie, and me in one taxi, Tony, Chris, Candace, Sharon and Dan in the other.  Then off we went in what Chris described as “four-door sedans with their roofs cut off.

Our group relaxes while Luigi drives.

The ultimate in luxury. Usually, Gino and I would be on a bus.

The scenery made us swoon. And we could stop whenever we liked.

The wedding-couple-to-be
were having a great time



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