Inside The Blue Grotto

The air is cool inside the cavern. Sun streams in from the small opening, turning the color of the water the bluest of blue. Each splash of an oar creates a shower of sapphire droplets. It’s truly magical!

In Roman times, in fact, this was considered a magical spot. Statues once adorned the rocky niches inside the cave. Ancient locals believed the grotto to be inhabited by evil spirits, although we certainly didn’t see any.

The white dot in the middle is the entrance from where the sunlight shines through

Statues from Roman times once stood in rocky niches throughout the cave

Although this was Gino’s and my second time seeing the Blue Grotto, it was just as impressively beautiful. Often, the oarsmen guiding the rowboats serenade visitors inside the grotto. It is common to hear them belt out the familiar words to Volare. Their voices lifted in song echo against the stone walls, eerie, but mesmerizing.

As we emerged from the grotto, we waved to Kris, Nichole, and Allie, and saw that they were soaked.

An errant wave inside the grotto had drenched them completely. Even Allie’s hair was wet.

But everyone was still in good spirits despite the dousing, and we carefully stepped out of the boats and back onto the stone stairway, now lined with a mob of expectant tourists. We had arrived just in time to beat the crowd.

The hordes arrive. We escape just in time.

Nichole and Kris, ready for the next adventure


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