Lunch in Anacapri

When you're on Capri, and the weather is perfect, this is the only way to go!

Hopping back into our waiting open-air taxis, we zoomed off to Anacapri, the upper town.  Our drivers had it in mind to let us poke around a bit in Piazza Vittoria, the small, but happening square, then whisk us off to a place for lunch. We, however, had other ideas and told them we were hungry now.

The pizzeria on the corner seemed just fine so Pasquale alerted the owner that a big group was coming in.  No problem.

Kris, Nichole, and Allie sip wine while waiting for lunch to be served

We were seated immediately.  The waiters were very friendly, and we took pictures of each other in between bitefuls of pasta and sips of wine.

Candace and Chris can barely contain their excitement

Seafood to make you swoon

But since this is mainly a pizzeria, someone HAS to order pizza!

Let's not forget Caprese Salad! After all, this dish is named after this island.

Where's my fork?


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