At the Top of Monte Solaro

The funicular whooshed us to the top of Monte Solaro, the highest point of Capri. The views from here were spectacular.

Gino arrives at the top of Capri

Catch your breath before you look out and lose it again

True, we were at the summit, but there were still a few steps to navigate before reaching the relative flatness of the tippy-top.

I don’t know these three women,
but I love their obvious determination to make it to the top.

Once at the crest, there is more than just views, grand as they are. A small restaurant with a wide terrace and tables provided a 360 degree panorama.

It could be dangerous to sit and have a drink here.
You might forget to leave.

Kris cools off in the pool.

As we picked our way around, we happened upon various leftovers of bygone eras, including an empty swimming pool from an abandoned complex built in the 50’s. Kris took a dip. Remember, I said “empty.”

Fortino di Bruto

Several decades older, a statue peered out from a 19th century blockhouse. Built in 1806, Fortino di Bruno once served as a military fortification. Today, it just makes a nice photo.

After that swim, Kris needed a rest on this decorative bench

Allie takes her turn on the bench

We followed this stony trail to the edge of the world

A dazzling vision spread out before us.  Scarcely able to comprehend the beauty, we simply stared.

Since it was a sunny day, everything was crystal clear. The vibrant blue water below was dotted with boats, looking like tiny toys from this height.

Anacapri spread out below on one side, and the Faraglioni on the other. The Faraglioni are the unmistakable symbols of Capri, despite the world-famous Blue Grotto. These three mammoth rocks jut upwards just off the island’s coastline, which together create the signature stone formation that reminds you, “You are on Capri!”

The famous Faraglioni, signature stones of Capri


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