What Goes Up Must Come Down

This view from the top of Monte Solaro could elicit tears of joy

We couldn’t get enough of the amazing panoramas from Monte Solaro, the highest point on Capri. Gazing across the sea, we spotted the Bay of Naples, where we would be headed tomorrow.

In the distance, the Bay of Napoli and Mt. Vesuvius

Kris and I had a hard time tearing ourselves away from the view

But it really was time to go. We followed the sign back to the funicular.

After making a complete circle around the summit, we jumped back on the chairlift for the trip back down to the piazza to meet up with the others.

The ride was so peaceful: no noise except for the occasional scrape of the funicular’s cables as they whirred across the connecting points overhead.

A group of Japanese on their way up waved at us as each one floated by. Now and then someone would call to a friend, either in front of or behind them. It was a relaxing respite.

Kris kicks back on the way back down to Anacapri

Gino, me, Allie, and Kris -- all glad we made the trip to the top


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