Limoncello in Piazza Vittoria — Anacapri

Back at the piazza, we immediately ran into the rest of our group and shuffled en masse down the pathway on the upper side, lined with souvenir and art shops.

Colorful souvenirs in Anacapri

Souvenir bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar

A limoncello factory appeared, filled with shelves of decorative bottles of both regular and cream limoncello, lemon-scented soaps, and other lemony things.

These lemon-shaped soaps really do smell like lemons!

Strawberry and melon liqueur in Italia-shaped bottles, limoncello in the middle.

Limoncello is a tart-sweet after-dinner digestivo traditionally made along the Amalfi Coast, especially on Capri and in Sorrento. Its flavor is imparted from the zest of the famous Sorrento lemons grown up and down this area. A small glassful is all you need. It’s like drinking potent sunshine.

Sorrento lemons are huge, more like the size of a grapefruit

Everyone who enters the ubiquitous limoncello factories of the Amalfi Coast are offered a free taste, which usually results in a purchase of some kind. After his tasting here on Capri, Tony placed an order for several bottles to be shipped home, surprising us with two of them.

Take your pick to bring home!

Kris was eager to try some of this authentic Italian-made limoncello. Since he had spent the last six months researching and experimenting with his own attempts at making limoncello, he was nervous to try the “real” thing. But he had nothing to worry about. His was every bit as good, if not better, than the stuff made here where it originated. Relieved, he gave himself a well-deserved thumbs up.

Limoncello: made with pure alcohol infused with the zest of lemons and served ice cold after dinner. YUM!

I do love the stuff Kris makes. And no, it’s not just because my son made it. His has a freshness, a crispness, a less-cloying texture to it. Served ice-cold in a tiny glass, it’s the essence of lemons…with a bad-ass kick!


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