Buzzing Around Capri

Our brief visit to Anacapri was over; it was time to meet our taxis at the appointed spot. After we piled in, Luigi and Pasquale zoomed us off for a quick tour of the island. This would, of course, include  more sensational views.

We pulled off to admire a particularly pleasing perspective of the Faraglioni. Kris, Gino, Allie, and I had already seen them from the top of Monte Solaro, but from this angle, they were every bit as impressive.

Nichole and Kris enjoying the view of the Faraglioni

As we stood there gazing, Luigi pointed out a nearby home with an astounding view, announcing it was “my house.” We followed his finger pointing at the ceramic sign posted at the entrance, and laughed. “Casa Mia,” it read.

Casa Mia

Kris claims Casa Mia as his own

Capri is definitely a destination for the jet set as well as common tourists like us.  Several celebrities call it home, and those who don’t own homes here come to stay in luxury hotels and relax.

Luigi told us how Bill Gates had been on the island just the previous week. Later, on the boat back to Positano, Kris overheard someone say they had seen Jerry Springer in the main piazza and had snagged his autograph.

Since we were just here as day-trippers, we wanted to pack as much sight-seeing into one day as we could.  With our two taxis, it was easy. I was very much enjoying being whisked around, not having to worry or waste time with bus connections.  This was definitely a very efficient and enjoyable way to maximize our time on Capri.

We didn't have to worry about a thing except having a good time

And enjoying the gorgeous sights

Candace and Sharon in Pasquale's taxi

After our whirlwind tour, we zipped along a tree-covered road towards Capri’s primary piazza of its main town: Piazza Umberto I, affectionately known as the Piazzetta (little piazza). We spilled out and plunged into the busy square.


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