Capri Town — The Little Fishes Shop

While Kris, Gino, and I were meandering up Via Tiberio, the rest of the group had lingered near Piazza Umberto I. Capri is a haven for luxury shopping and the girls were joyfully participating, at least from the window side.

Kris calls them “little fishes” because he says they are easily distracted by shiny objects. There was no shortage of sparkly things in Capri town. The girls dove right in.

These quintessentially Italian shoes cost only 395 Euro.
At today's exchange rate, that would be $524 U.S. dollars!

It might be better for your budget to just come home with a simple souvenir, such as this.

It appears that not just Little Fishes
are attracted by shiny objects

Shopping can be thirsty work

And after all that window-shopping, Allie and Nichole needed a break

Apparently, they weren't the only ones


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