Ciao Ciao Capri

This huge tiled map of Capri sits at the edge of town, welcoming visitors to the island. But it was now our time to say Ciao ciao.

After joining up with the rest of our group on the outskirts of the piazza, we returned to the taxis. It was a short drive to the marina where we would catch our boat back to Positano.

As we walked out to the designated pier number to wait for our boat, another propitious sign appeared. A boat with its name painted in large letters on the side cut through the water into the little port. It said: Capitan Morgan.

Favorable omens met us at every turn

A ferry boat docked near where we stood waiting. Our mouths fell open as we watched an entire marching band, with their instruments, spill out. Dressed in smart uniforms, they walk briskly past us to the far side of the pier. There, while another boat docked directly in front of them, they started playing a musical welcome for some lucky luminary.

Allie waits for the boat back to Positano after a great day on Capri

A few minutes later, our boat chugged up and we boarded, settling into comfortable seats on the inside deck. As we pulled away from the dock, we all craned our necks for one last look at this beautiful island.

Ciao ciao, Capri -- until next time!

Before we were very far out, several in our party were already nodding off.

Gino sawing logs


Kris follows suit


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