Meet Angelo

In the meantime, Nichole, Allie, and the others were making their acquaintances with Angelo, the infamous singer-entertainer of Praiano. Angelo zips up and down the steep streets of Praiano on a cream-colored scooter.

Angelo on the left in white walks with Nichole.
You can just see his scooter against the railing.

Everyone knows him. He is the owner of Tutto Per Tutti, the neighborhood grocery store.  This middle-aged Lothario was smitten with the three California girls frequenting his alimentari, and he walked them outside the store to point out his house, not far away. He told them he had heard we were all in town and had hoisted his flags in our honor.

Angelo spontaneously breaks into song for Nichole. 

After learning the reason for their visit to Praiano, he asked what day and time the civil wedding would take place.  He announced he would attend the event. Somehow, we did not doubt he would show up.

That night for dinner, Tony made his promised visit to Jolly Pizza. From the fridge we pulled out odds and ends that had been brought back from Angelo’s store and dinner was done.

I'm going to eat this whole thing!

Don't try to stop me!

Too late! It's gone.

A relaxing evening ensued: wine drinking next to and in the pool, lounging on the terrace, and simply admiring the ever-changing horizon out towards sea.

The upper terrace offers a perfect panorama of the setting sun

As dusk settled in, the lights of Praiano bejeweled the hillside like a waterfall of diamonds.  I leaned against the railing on the upper terrace and gazed out, the soft gauzy air of night brushing my shoulders like a silk shawl. This was much better than any dream.


One thought on “Meet Angelo

  1. Melinda…I quickly realized that the word blog doesn’t do justice to the story surrounding your son’s wedding in Praiano. I came across your site as I was researching for any missing details that I didn’t want to leave out of the photo journal I am creating from our three weeks in Campania this past September. I was so happy and surprised to find details on Angelo Cinque, that “man about town” from Praiano. So many times, both in Vettica or sitting on our veranda on via Flavio Gioia, there was that dashing little man zipping by on his scooter. We wanted to meet him as we had so many other wonderful people in Praiano but didn’t get that opportunity until our very last day as we waited for our driver in front of Tutto per Tutti. We only had about five minutes to spend with Angelo. He talked about how he hated getting old and that he was a veteran of ww II. There was so much more to learn about him but we ran out of time. It was good to read about your encounters with Angelo and it filled in some of the holes in the story we knew was there. We became friends with Gaetano, Luca and Vittorio who ran Tutto’s as we were their every day for three weeks. We actually didn’t realize that Angelo was the owner. Thank you for the enjoyment of reading your story. It helped me to relive those joyful days on Costa di Amalfi.

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