Via Grotta Dell’Angelo

Don Donato had to oversee a funeral in the afternoon, but he climbed into the van with us to show us the way to Via Grotta Dell’Angelo, a paved pathway that leads up to La Grotta di San Michele Arcangelo.

It's not every day you see a woman taking her goat for a walk

At the beginning of the trail, Kris admires the panorama below

This grotto, Don Donato stated, was something special, something we must see before leaving. After telling us the grotto’s secret, he turned us over to a family that lived nearby.  “Bella passeggiata,” he said, then left to tend to his funereal duties.

As we gathered to make our pilgrimage to the grotto,
Chris found another dog to make friends with

Accompanied by a woman, a man, a couple of boys, a young girl, and two dogs, we trudged up the hill towards the grotto, breathless not from the ascent, but from the panorama that spread out before us.

The path was lined with trees and lush greenery. The 14 stations of the cross dotted the trail, although since I am not Catholic, I could not name them. They, along with the passeggiata itself, were beautiful, nevertheless.

These people had never met us, but they graciously joined us on our walk, seemingly happy to guide us along

The kids immediately adopted Nichole,
recognizing a friendly spirit when they saw one

A saint welcomed us along the way

It wasn’t long before a stone structure tucked into the side of the steep hill came into view. We were at the foot of the grotto.


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