Inside Paolo Sandulli’s Studio

How would you like to come here to work every day?

Donatella and I approached the Torre A Mare, Paolo Sandulli’s art studio where he creates, displays, and sells his work.  The path leading to the open door was also lined with his fanciful pieces.

Not your usual sculpture

Nor was this, from the front...

Or the back. (Check out that mischievous little goat.)

Maybe this fellow was fashioned after a local?

Inside the tower, the walls were covered with artwork. Shelves and stands were crowded with painted terra cotta pieces of great imagination, including the likenesses of the heads of local inhabitants, many with natural sea sponge for hair. It was chaotic, but in a pleasing sort of way.

The sea behind this sculpture created its own special effect

A circular iron staircase led to an upper level, equally crammed with art. On the lower level, in an arched opening lit by natural light, sat the artist himself, wearing shorts and working on a piece.

Paolo Sandulli, artist in sculpture, pottery, and painting

We greeted Signor Sandulli and Donatella spoke with him a few minutes. We learned that he was born in nearby Avellino, but studied in Naples, Rome, and Paris.  In 1993, he moved to Praiano, making this 800-year-old tower his laboratory and studio.

These faces are of Praiano residents, past and present.
(Notice the terra cotta "artists"?)

This is me on a bad hair day

After admiring his many creations, we emerged from the studio, ready to hike home. The view, however, stopped us in our tracks.

Just outside Sandulli's tower studio, we stopped short at the view to the left

And to the right

It was time to get back to the villa.  We couldn’t stand much more beauty in one day.


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