Party At The Pool

Kris welcomes us back -- in plenty of time for the pool party

After our trek down to the Torre A Mare and Sandulli’s art studio, Donatella and I navigated our way back up all those flights of stone stairways. We arrived at the villa as the pool party was in full swing. We donned our suits and joined the fun.

Candace, Allie, and Nichole in, and at, the watering hole

I'd call this Quadruple Trouble

Gino whoops it up, no doubt at something Kris just said

The other Chris just found out
the cousins will be cooking dinner for us tonight

Donatella and Gianni, soaking up sun

Nichole and Kris, toasting their upcoming wedding's TOMORROW!

That's something to celebrate!


Three stunning tropical flowers

The groom doesn’t look nervous to me.
And it has nothing to do with that glass of wine.
All of a sudden, everyone disappeared.
The rumor was out…Donatella and Nakita had started cooking

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