Cooking Cousins

After all that swimming, hiking, and pool splashing, we were starving. We were ecstatic to find out that Gianni, Donatella, and Nakita had brought all the fixins’ to make a spaghetti dinner.

Meet the cooks, cousins Nakita and Donatella.
These two women can cook up a storm.

Donatella and Nakita started preparing their famous sauce.  Tony stood close by, observing the process.

Nakita prepares the perfectly ripe tomatoes for the sauce

Tony keeps an eye on the process

Is that not the best smell ever?

Allie and I dashed down to Tutto Per Tutti to pick up the champagne for the next day’s wedding toast. I was also on the lookout for some salt, since we couldn’t find any at the villa. On the way back, we passed Angelo on his motorino. He beeped and waved. We wondered again if he’d really show up at the wedding tomorrow morning, as he had promised.

Allie cuts fresh veges for the grill

I sneak a piece of prosciutto from the fridge while the cooks aren't looking

In between swims, the guys barbecued chicken and sausage, also purchased from our favorite local store. Sharon whipped up a fresh green salad, we pulled out the salami, prosciutto, and cheese, and we were set.

Verdure, grilled



But the queen of the table was indisputably Donatella and Nakita's spaghetti

Now let’s eat! Mangia! And who has the wine?


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