Grab a plate. It's time to eat!

Dan brings out the vino

Gathering around the long table on the lower deck, we relished not only the delicious food, but just being together. We sealed the feeling with a toast to ourselves and to the wedding couple with glasses of that magical white wine. Eros Ramazzotti and Georgia blasted from the stereo, providing the perfect touch of contemporary Italian life to our happy scene.

We're a happy, hungry, exuberant group!

Donatella serves up the spaghetti

As we finished eating, Donatella scraped the last dribbles from the pan into Chris’s plate. He gobbled them up, not wanting to waste a taste.

Chris refuels for more handstands

After dinner, Gianni, Donatella, and Nakita presented their wedding gift to the just-about-bride-and-groom. We pulled close around the table to watch them open it, oohing and ahhing as a gleaming Alessi serving set emerged. We were all duly dazzled.

The cousins’ present to the newlyweds:
a stunning stainless steel serving set made by Alessi,
renowned Italian designer

As the evening wound down, the cousins left to spend the night in their camper parked in the hills behind, but promised to return the next morning in time for the legal wedding at the Municipio.

The rest of us also turned in fairly early. We wanted to be in prime shape for the big event tomorrow.  But before we all said goodnight, Allie had a little surprise for Tony and me. She presented us with “Father of the Bride” and “Mother of the Groom” crying handkerchiefs. I already knew I’d be needing mine.

Elegant embroidered handkerchiefs for parents shedding tears

As we said buona notte, we were hardly able to believe it was finally here…WEDDING DAY!  We were excited and happy, and no one seemed to be nervous.

Even the groom


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