Marriage At The Municipio: Part I

June 10, 2010 — Wedding Day!

A perfect day for a wedding on La Costa Amalfitana

Getting Ready

Understandably, everyone was up early. Allie had thoughtfully put together a wedding-morning breakfast for the couple. After a knock on their bedroom door, she whisked in with a tray of sweets and colorful espresso cups filled with strong coffee.

After a nibble and a sip, the groom-to-be was nudged out and the bride’s bedroom became a hubbub of activity.

It helps when your best friend is also a hairdresser

Candace works her magic while Chris records history

A quick touch up


The shoes are pretty, too!

And they have a secret message. Do you see it? I do.

But it’s not all about the bride…there’s a groom, too.

He still doesn't look nervous.

He's even cracking jokes to Gino

How do I look?

Pretty good, I'd say

King Kris

The civil ceremony at the Municipio was scheduled for 10:00 a.m. It was time to leave. Gianni, Donatella, and Nakita hadn’t yet shown up, but we knew we’d meet them along the way.

Chris and Candace are ready to go

And so is the wedding couple

As Nichole descended the villa steps, she saw a single white butterfly flit past her. During all the days we had been at the villa, none of us had seen any white butterfly. It was a lucky omen, and maybe also a clandestine blessing sent by absent parents from a place unknown. It was a magical morning, and on such days, magical things can happen.


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