Marriage At The Municipio: Part II

June 10, 2010 — Wedding Day!

When they walk back up, they'll be married

The Walk Down

We were in high spirits as we swept through the upper part of Praiano in our finery. People stared, then smiled. Gianni, Donatella, and Nakita met us halfway down. They had been parking their car higher up the hill.

Don't put these on just yet

We still have to make it down these steps…
and more

Almost there -- now you can put on the sparkly shoes

As we approached the Municipio, Anna zoomed past on her motorino. She would be there to make sure all went well.

Anna, our wedding planner, arrives on her motorino

The sound of another scooter came from behind and we made room on the road as it passed. A man all decked out in a pale blue suit and dark blue tie was driving. It was Angelo! He had come, just as promised!

Angelo won’t be late for the wedding…
the groom is right there!

The bride heading into the Municipio

The room in which the wedding would take place was one floor up. Not wanting to risk any turned ankles in high heels, Nichole and Kris decided to take the elevator. Before the door snapped shut, Angelo stepped in with them for the ride. As they rose to the second floor, he burst out in spontaneous song, a melodic ode to the wedding couple: “That’s Amore!”

Yes, it was.


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