Evening Wedding — Part II

June 10, 2010, Early Evening

Fun With Flowers

In the meantime, the florist arrived. Two young fellows brought in the flowers, and we tried to find out-of-the-way places for the bouquet and boutonnieres. One of the guys practically had a stroke when I started to put Nichole’s bouquet in the fridge, thinking that would help keep it from wilting.

These petals would be strewn on the terrace,
a floral carpet for the bride


Nakita and Donatella ready to strew the petals on the upper terrace

They also brought two large floral displays for the terrace, but didn’t know exactly where to place them. While they waited for someone to direct them, they sat at the lower terrace table, smoking and chatting with Gianni.

Gianni clowns with the florist

The photographer arrived and joined the melee in the bride’s bedroom. I adjourned to my own bedroom with Donatella and Nakita to finish getting dressed.  Sharon and Dan were ready, and started the party off in the kitchen.

Gianni feigns a serious look, while pretending to tie a plastic wrapper from the flowers around his neck.
Tony wonders if he’s serious…you never know with Gianni!

The Visitor

Gino bounded into the bedroom where Donatella, Nakita, and I were finishing getting ready. He told us that the guys had all just seen something amazing. A pure white dove had touched down on the the terrace wall and sat there awhile.  Chris had time to greet it and snap a picture before it flew off.

This was too strange. Why would a dove land in the midst of all this activity, calm as you please? As with the white butterfly earlier, we had not been visited by any white doves during any previous days.

You can laugh, but as Gino related this to me, I felt goosebumps all over my body and was inexplicably overcome with emotion. Donatella and Nakita wanted to know why I was weeping. I told them in Italian what the guys had seen and then their eyes teared up as well. “Era Jan! Era Jan!” exclaimed Donatella.  It was Jan, she said.

Later, back home in California, Nichole told me that she and Kris believe that the white butterfly had been a greeting from her mom, Jan, and the white dove had been a visit from Kris’ dad, Michael.

What better way for parents gone from this physical earth to make their spiritual presence known to their children on one of the most important days of their lives? Whatever one believes, there was no doubt that in some way, Jan and Michael were among us.


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