Anticipation — Part III

June 10, 2010, 5:00 p.m.

Although the “official” wedding had taken place in the morning, this evening’s symbolic wedding was more formal and everyone was in a reflective mood.

Chris, the bride's brother

Dan, Tony, and Gianni share a few words before the symbolic ceremony

It's just about time!

On the terrace, a chair had been set for Jan. Nichole wanted a little bouquet to be gathered from the garden flowers and laid on the seat in memory of her mom. When I mentioned it to Donatella, she took the task upon herself. Donatella is a magician with plants and tends to them as her profession. She grabbed the scissors and set out to create a sweet arrangement worthy of any florist.

An honorary seat for Jan

Donatella made a sweet bouquet

Father of the bride waits for his girl

As does the groom

Kris contemplates the solemnity of the day

The violinist arrived, then the English-speaking officiant (with English accent!). Everything was in order.

The violinist and the English officiant, ready to do their parts

The guests (the same group that had been in attendance at the morning municipio ceremony, minus Angelo) gathered on the upper terrace, settling onto our assigned seats.

Strains of violin music wafted through the air, mingling with the distant, maybe imagined, sighs of the sea. The cloth canopy protected us from the still sharp sun, slanting towards the hillside.

Kris took his place at the front, the limitless expanse of water and sky behind him melding together to form an ethereal blue altar. A boutonniere rested over his heart and onto its ribbon he had inked his dad’s initials: BMM, for Brian Michael Morgan. Now all parents were in attendance, in one way or another.

We had only but to wait for the bride.


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