The Symbolic Ceremony

June 10, 2010, 5:30 p.m.

And then…the violinist broke into Here Comes the Bride. We all turned towards the steps that led up from the lower deck, watching with smiles and glistening eyes as Tony, in a dark suit, led his daughter by the arm past the now silent swimming pool and down the rose petal-strewn “aisle.”

In a long, bejeweled strapless mermaid gown, Nichole was truly breathtaking. Tony tenderly handed off his girl to her new husband, who took her hand and prepared anew to repeat solemn vows in this more elegant and traditional ceremony.

The officiant spoke a few of his own words, then read the vows that Kris and Nichole had prepared. The violinist played softly. Anna hung towards the back, making sure all went as planned, but, I noticed, wiping a few tears of her own.

And then it was over. We clapped as the bridal couple swept down the aisle, then around a column, reappearing to laughter and renewed applause.

The radiant Mrs. Nichole Del Pozzo Morgan


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