Un Brindisi Agli Sposi!

A Toast to the Newlyweds!

Dan makes the first pour

Champagne glasses had already been set out on the coffee table in the shaded pergo at the side of the terrace. We raised our glasses in a heartfelt toast — Auguri! — best of wishes to Kris and Nichole!

The photographer was clicking away, arranging and rearranging various combinations of people against the backdrop of the sea. Then it was time for the bride and groom to take off in Gianni’s car. The photographer would follow on his motorino. The rest of us would meet up with them in Amalfi for dinner.

Allie, Nichole, and Candace

Sharon, right where that dove had landed earlier

After Nichole and Kris had taken off with Gianni and the photographer, the ladies decorated their bedroom. They scattered rose petals on the bed and tied ribbons all around.

Allie and Tony, leaving the villa to meet the van to Amalfi

Time to meet Andrea —
he would be driving us to Amalfi for the wedding dinner

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