Last Day in Praiano

Our last day in Praiano, the heart of the Amalfi Coast

Everyone was set to depart.  Sharon and Dan had left in their rental car very early in the morning before the rest of us had woken up. They wanted to tackle the Amalfi Coast road when there was little traffic.

Tony and Gianni were next to leave. The two of them would spend a few days sightseeing in the Mercedes as they meandered north through Italy. Tony would catch a plane home from Milano.

Donatella and Nakita left at the same time. They were driving straight home in the camper. It would be a long drive to their house in Ranco, on the south shore of Lago Maggiore.

The kids were going to Rome to spend the day and night. They would fly home from there the next morning. It was time to drag their baggage down to Hotel Margherita, one last time. We shuffled down together, excited for our respective adventures just around the corner, but also sad for the end of our time together at the villa.

We had decided to splurge and arrange for a car to transport them to Roma. With all the wedding gear, it would be so much easier. Unfortunately, Andrea wouldn’t be driving them this time.

A small van was waiting when we walked up to Hotel Margherita. They stacked their bags into the back, Nichole’s precious wedding dress lying on top of the pile. Then it was time to say goodbye. I knew they would be fine, but I was so sad to see them go.

The driver and the kids, ready for their adventure in Rome

We all hugged, and they piled in, jabbering excitedly.  I waved forlornly, holding back the tears as the van pulled away.  I watched until their smiling faces in the windows had disappeared from sight. They were going to have a great time in Roma.

No one was left but Gino and me. And that villa. But we wouldn’t be leaving Praiano until the next day. In the morning, we would head farther south into Puglia in a rental car. Today seemed like a perfect day to hike to the top of the world.

But first, peek in on what the kids did in Rome, on their own.


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