Rome On Their Own, continued

After those huge beers, they were quite revived, and so continued their explorations.

I like this photo very much. Not only is it a characteristic scene, I love the Italian flag hanging there, and the tiny Guinness sign barely visible in lower right corner.

Time to mangia!

Nichole enjoys a gelato at my favorite place near the Pantheon

Allie and Nichole find some Venezia style masks to try on

What are the chances of this??? The kids run into Gianni and Tony, who stopped into Rome for a quick tour themselves!

Behave, or these guys will get you!

After their coins have been tossed into the Trevi Fountain to ensure their return, Kris and Nichole head back to the hotel. In the morning, they will be flying home.

While the kids have been wandering through Rome, Gino and I have been doing some wandering of our own…


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