Morning in Matera

Sunday, June 13, 2011

We were up early again, wanting to make the most of our remaining hours in Matera under the morning sun. The breakfast offered by l’hotel in pietra was a mind-boggling spread. Several tables lined the lobby, each with a sumptuous array of unexpected choices. Aside from the usual pastries and cornetti, there were several kinds of panini, cheeses, cereals, eggs, juices, breads, fruit, pizza slices. And cappuccini, just as we like them.

Having reached the Sassi again, we futilely tried to retrace the route Pasquale had taken the previous day. We quickly abandoned that idea and gave ourselves over to simply wandering.

Continuing our explorations from the day before, we plunged into Sasso Barisano

Every archway offered us a glimpse of something new

Cappuccini for two?

My dog Rocco and I would like to have this address

I have a weakness for photogenic laundry

And colorful doors

The Sasso Barisano, where our hotel was located, was definitely fascinating, but it was the other side — Sasso Caveoso — that held the magic for me.


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