Melinda and husband, Gino

My home is northern California, but my heart is European. As much as I adore my native golden state, I feel an incredible pull from Europe, especially Italy. My paternal grandparents emigrated from Lombardia, the region of Italia north of Milano, in the early 1900’s. I always wondered why they left, what they left, who they left. I knew someday I would retrace their steps and find out.

After years of dreaming, in 1996 I finally made my first trip “over to the other side.”  Since that first magical trip, I’ve connected with cousins I never knew I had, I’ve made friends all over Europe, and in addition to Italia, I’ve explored Spain, Holland, Greece, Germany, and France.  More than once.

In June, 2010, I went again. But this was not just any old vacation. This was The Wedding Trip. My first-born son and his beautiful fidanzata had planned an unforgettable wedding on the Amalfi Coast with a dozen friends and family in attendance.  Several people said to me, “Oh! A destination wedding!”  “No,” I corrected them.  “This wedding venue will be much more than merely a beautiful place.  It will be a reconnection of a very special sort.”

I hope you enjoy coming along with us on our 9th trip to Italia.  You’re invited to the wedding!


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