My Other Travel Blogs

I hope you’re enjoying my blog! On this page you will find links to all my other travel blogs that take me — and you — to other wonderful places I have visited. I list them here in descending chronological order:


Melinda Trips 2015: London and Beyond

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Join Gino and me as we continue our explorations of Europe. This time we go to London (for the first time!) and the Cotswolds, spend a week in Bologna, Italy and its environs, take an exhilarating hike high above the Amalfi Coast, and finish our trip in exciting Istanbul.


Melinda Trips 2012: Greece and Italy

Come along with Melinda as she explores Athens at sunrise, Santorini at sunset (and every other hour), then jets to Venice and finally to Rome. Somehow, she fits in a side trip to the Etruscan tombs of Tarquinia and the pristine beaches of Sperlonga. As usual, she never runs out of energy for just one more sight.


Melinda Trips To Turkey: 2011

Melinda takes you with her on her first guided tour ever, letting Europe Through The Back Door do the driving. Join her and a group of Rick-Niks as they jounce from Istanbul to Bodrum, via village Turkey.


Melinda Trips 2010: Amalfi Coast and Puglia

Join Melinda and her family as they scramble around the Amalfi Coast and careen through Puglia. But this time the trip is for a very special occasion. Be our guests and join the fun! “It’s Party Time — ITALIAN-style!”


Melinda Trips 2009: Ireland and Italia

Melinda heads to Ireland for the first time. Join her as she drinks Guinness at its source and experiences driving on the “wrong” side of the road…but not in that order! She also continues her explorations of the inexhaustible treasures that Italy offers. She plunges below the surface of modern-day Rome and ponders the tragic history of World War II amidst the city’s more obscure memorials. Then she’s off to Umbria, the Cinque Terre, Venezia, and Lombardia. Come along!


Melinda Trips 2007: Sicily and the Peloponnese


Melinda takes you to Sicily and climbs a volcano. Wander through narrow, cobbled streets, seaside towns and ancient ruins on the Italian island of Sicily and the Greek Peloponnesian Peninsula.


  Melinda Trips 2006: Italy

Melinda takes you to Medieval hilltowns and guides you through the canals of Venice, wearing out her parents, her husband, herself and her shoes in the process. Beautiful photos of Italy and interesting travelogue.