The Travelers

Meet the travelers!

Nichole and Kris -- "Gli sposi" (the Wedding Couple)


Tony, father of the Bride


Yours truly, Melinda (mother of the Groom)
and Gino, husband extraordinaire

Sharon and Dan, aunt and uncle to the Bride

Allie, Bride's best friend

Candace and Chris -- Sister-in-law and brother to the Bride


Gianni, my cugino from northern Italia


Nakita and Donatella (daughter and wife of Gianni) —
also my cousins from northern Italia

One thought on “The Travelers

  1. Greetings,

    My fiancé and I are looking to get married in Ravello next year and are currently researching wedding planners. We came across your blog and saw that you used Anna Sorrentino and had positive things to say about her. I was wondering whether you could confirm her contact information for me so that we may get in touch with her?

    Thanks in advance!

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